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Three Times Lucky

Cover: 'Three Times Lucky'

Staff Review: "Three Times Lucky" by Sheila Turnage


Mo LoBeau got lucky when she was a baby; she survived a hurricane her mother left her in and wound up in Tupelo Landing, North Carolina. Orphaned, Mo made her own family with the Colonel, a quirky man with amnesia who found her after the hurricane, and Miss Lana, an eccentric café hostess. Mo helps out at the café with her best friend Dale, attends the sixth grade, and solves mysteries. Mr. Jesse, a grumpy townsmen, is found dead on his land under mysterious circumstances. Detective Starr, a fancy policeman from Winston-Salem, arrives to town to solve the case, but Mo and the Colonel do not trust him. Instead, Mo and Dale form Desperado Detectives and set out to solve Mr. Jesse's murder themselves. Will they beat Detective Starr to the killer? Will Mo once again be lucky? Find out in this Newbery Honor book that is a funny, yet suspenseful read for tweens.

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: fiction, mystery

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