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A Train in Winter

Cover: 'A Train in Winter'

Staff Review: "A Train in Winter" by A Train in Winter


If you are interested in history (particularly WWII), human behavior, France, heroism or human suffering under spectacular circumstances, "A Train in Winter" will prove an engrossing read. The author takes the reader behind the word “French Resistance” fighter to reveal the real individuals, specifically the females who played a significant role in resistance to Hitler’s occupation of France.

Moorehead divides the book into two sections, in part one, she details the women’s efforts to counter the Nazi occupation of their homeland. She provides names, dates and details about the women, as really ordinary women, who through their refusal to sit by and be dominated, decide to, in their own small ways, but with great risk to themselves, fight the oppression of the German occupiers. The second half of the book allows the reader to understand what taking a stand and resisting the Germans really cost; i.e. it details the horrors of their time in concentration and extermination camps after they were identified, picked up and imprisoned. Even if a person didn’t have time to devote to the first half of the book, the second half might be considered a “must read” to understand what the evil of fellow humans looks like and the high cost paid by individuals who insist upon freedom of mind, body, and spirit. If a definition of heroism is ordinary people doing extraordinary things, these women are heroes, one and all.

Audience: adults | Genre: nonfiction

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