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Trouble Is a Friend of Mine

Cover: 'Trouble Is a Friend of Mine'

Staff Review: "Trouble Is a Friend of Mine" by Stephanie Tromly


Sixteen-year-old Zoe Webster still can’t quite believe how her life has changed. After her parents divorced, she and her mom moved from Manhattan to a small town in upstate New York where she does not fit in. She can’t wait to get out and sees mid-year admission to an exclusive private high school in Manhattan as her ticket out. Then she meets Digby, who is on a quest to discover what happened to a high school girl from a wealthy family who disappeared that summer. Digby is reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes in a number of ways—his powers of observation, deductive abilities, and resourcefulness come to mind. Despite initial attempts to resist, Zoe finds herself drawn into Digby’s investigation. Danger, comedy, and high school drama ensue as they search for the missing girl. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, which has a definite Veronica Mars vibe, though it is Digby who is far more like Veronica, with his disdain for authority figures and complex plans that aren’t entirely legal, than Zoe. Fans of Veronica Mars, the Keaton School series, or "No One Else Can Have You" are likely to enjoy this book.

Audience: teens | Genre: fiction

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