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The Two of Us

Cover: 'The Two of Us'

Staff Review: "The Two of Us" by Andy Jones


This is a love story, but not exactly a traditional one. Fisher and Ivy both work in the film industry where they meet and begin their romance. When our story opens, they have had a wild and all-consuming nineteen day fling, and both of them know without a doubt, that they have finally found "the one". What they don't know is that their new relationship and their love for each other is about to be tested in a very big way. The next year of their lives will push them together and pull them apart as they face the uncertainty of the future and all of the heartache and joy that it holds. This story takes you on a beautiful and emotional journey that will tug at your heart strings, make you laugh, and open your eyes to all that it takes to help love survive.

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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