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Cover: 'Ugly'

Staff Review: "Ugly" by Robert Hoge


Growing up fairly normal-looking is difficult enough, but when you are, well, ugly, it is almost unimaginable. Born with a tennis ball-shaped tumor in the middle of his face instead of a nose, and with short twisted, mangled legs, Robert Hoge was not the sort of baby mothers rush to take home. As a matter of fact, his mother didn’t. After knowing the facts and seeing him, his brothers and sisters finally voted to bring him home. Robert tells the true story of his early life with humor, passion, conviction, resiliency and love, and we, the reader, cannot help but be inspired. Readers of the novel “Wonder” and others seeking inspiration and a true story of bravery and determination in the face of huge challenges will enjoy this autobiography. 

Audience: children | Genre: nonfiction

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