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Under the Same Sky

Cover: 'Under the Same Sky'

Staff Review: "Under the Same Sky" by Joseph Kim, Stephan Talty


In this book Joseph tells us the story of his life in communist-ruled North Korea. In North Korea he starved for 10 years due to inflated prices of food and his country's inability to grow their own food. He tempts fate when he crosses the Tumen River during the day and is "free" in China. Once in China, where he could be exported at any time, he finds life easier with the help of some Christian people. Through the help of LiNK, an activist organization, he is smuggled though China and boards a plane to America where he is placed in a foster home. He finds life easier in America and desires to finish his degree. This book details current affairs in North Korea.

Audience: adults | Genre: nonfiction, memoir

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