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Under the Wide and Starry Sky

Cover: 'Under the Wide and Starry Sky'

Staff Review: "Under the Wide and Starry Sky" by Nancy Horan


This novel recounts the epic and unconventional love story of Scottish literary master, Robert Louis Stevenson and American divorcee, Fanny Van de Grift Osbourne. Fanny heads to Europe with her children to escape an unfaithful and miserable marriage and to develop her skills as an artist. In 1875 she meets Lois in the south of France. She thinks he is too young but he falls quickly in love with her. He has a huge heart, is quickly angered by injustice, and is fighting to escape the destiny that his family has planned for him. She is fiery, outspoken, brave, and determined to make a good life for those that she loves. They begin a passionate love affair that will take them through many trials including the fight to keep Louis alive. This novel follows them through two amazing decades as they face tragedy, illness, joy, and the world of art across the globe. This was a great read!

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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