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VBQ: The Ultimate Vegan BBQ Cookbook

Staff Review: VBQ: The Ultimate Vegan BBQ Cookbook

"VBQ: The Ultimate Vegan BBQ Cookbook" by Nadine Horn

Cover: 'VBQ: The Ultimate Vegan BBQ Cookbook'

Are you looking for healthy and delicious recipes to grill this summer? This new cookbook is a must for you! All recipes are vegan, so this cookbook is perfect for vegans, vegetarians, food allergy sufferers, or anyone who just wants some healthy alternatives this summer. Literally every recipe is fully photographed in all its delicious glory, and I just cannot decide what to make first! I also really appreciated that the recipes are not only homemade meals (compared to just using store bought meat substitutes), but they are still easy recipes that don't take forever to make. This cookbook is packed with burgers, sandwiches, vegetables, steaks, sausages, skewers, pizza, bread, salads, and sauces- everything you need all in one! It also has some barbecuing tips and general guides to grilling every type of vegetable as well. Now the only problem is to pick which recipe I want to make first!

Audience: Adults | Genre: Cookbook


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