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Vegan Dessert Cookbook

Cover: 'Vegan Dessert Cookbook'

Staff Review: "Vegan Dessert Cookbook" by Ally Lazare


I loved this new dessert cookbook by Ally Lazare, packed full of tantalizing vegan recipes for cookies, cakes, no bake desserts, and more. All of the recipes have food pantry staples instead of hard-to-find ingredients, and none of the recipes look too difficult or labor intensive. Recipes are marked if they fit certain dietary requirements, which I appreciated as someone with a soy intolerance, and she even has a section for staples like homemade frosting, pie crust, meringue, and caramel sauce (all on my list of things to try!)

I'm excited to dig into chocolate e'clair bars, double chocolate tortes, chocolate and caramel tarts, and cookies and caramel candy bars (to name just a few)! My only caveat is that the cookbook isn't as packed full of pictures of the recipes as I'd like, but overall I'm excited to dig into these treats and get baking!

Audience: adults | Genre: cookbook

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