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The Walls Around Us

Cover: 'The Walls Around Us'

Staff Review: "The Walls Around Us" by Nova Ren Suma


Ballerinas, a juvenile detention facility, and a murder--what happened the day two ballerinas were found dead with Ori and Violet at the scene? Ori is the best ballerina at the studio, earning all the solos and leading roles, while her best friend Violet is always in the background. Ori comes from an unstable, poor home, while Violet has adoring, well-off parents. The story is also told from Amber's point of view. Amber is Ori's roommate at the juvenile detention center, and she knows something is not right with Ori's verdict. Did Ori really kill those girls? Or was she just at the wrong place at the wrong time with her home life working against her? This psychological thriller is recommended for teens or adults looking for a mystery, and any fans of the movie "Black Swan" will thoroughly enjoy this story.

Audience: teens | Genre: fiction, mystery

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