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Warriors: Twilight

The Teen Review: "Warriors: Twilight" by Erin Hunter

Cover: 'Warriors: Twilight'


The book Warriors: Twilight is an exceptional book to read. It has action and never gets you bored. The whole book is how Thunderclan and the others are settling in on their new territory. Problems faced in the book give the characters dilemmas. Some of the problems faced is one cat is torn between loyalty to her duty as a medicine cat and the her love. Another cat has a hard time with her best friend and how they are betraying them. But that is not all the dilemmas in that clan. One clan struggles with almost every cat getting sick. Another clan is facing troubles with badgers. Thunderclan pitches in to help. But their help upsets the other clan's strength. But with an enemy attacking, the clans need each other in order to survive.

(Jessica Lynn suggests this book for readers between the ages of 10-16 years of age.)