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Watching You

Cover: 'Watching You'

Staff Review: "Watching You" by Michael Robotham


Norwegian author Michael Robotham keeps the pace set high and the reader guessing until the very end. You may think you have figured it out sooner, but there's a twist that makes this author one to put on your "favorites" list. Marnie Logan's life seems to be taking one turn for the worst after another, but someone wants to help her. That someone causes Marnie's life to become a nightmare. Could the feeling that someone is watching her be just that; a feeling,  a mental disorder, or perhaps the real thing? Two of Robotham's staple characters appear in this book, Ruiz and Joe, but you don't have to read his other books first to fully experience this suspense-filled mystery. This translation from the original Norwegian exposes the reader to social norms and settings quite different from what we experience in the U.S., stretching our boundaries and mental imagery.  If you enjoy Jo Nesbo, you'll like Robotham, too. And if you enjoy this book, step up the pace to a new level and read Nesbo.

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction, mystery

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