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The Waterborn

The Teen Review: "The Waterborn" by J. Gregory Keyes

Cover: 'The Waterborn'


Overall, the book, "The Waterborn" by J. Gregory Keyes was very interesting and unique. The book had a pretty slow start up till the third chapter, then it got a lot better. Some of the content wasn't very appropriate for anyone less than sixteen, but it was an adult book. Some of the good things about this book was that it was a completely different way of thinking about some things that we don't really notice today. It has a lot of events happening at the same time, and really challenged the reader to thing while they're reading. Towards the end of the book, it seemed like Gregory Keyes was rushing his writing, and didn't flow as well as the middle. Anyway, the book is still very good, and high-level readers should think about reading it.

(Patrick recommends this book to readers 14-18 years of age.)