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We Are All Made of Molecules

Cover: 'We Are All Made of Molecules'

Staff Review: "We Are All Made of Molecules" by Susin Nielsen


This is the story of a modern blended family. Thirteen-year-old Stewart, his widowed father Leonard, and his cat Schopenhauer move into the home of Caroline and her fourteen-year-old daughter, Ashley. Caroline’s ex-husband lives in the Laneway home in their backyard. Academically gifted student Stewart is transferring from his private school where being geeky was the norm (if not a point of pride) to Ashley’s school, where she is the alpha girl and mortified at the thought of the misfit Stewart in her home and school. She’s also hiding the real reason her parents split up—her dad is gay. Humorous and heartfelt yet realistic, the chapters alternate between Stewart and Ashley and their very distinct points of view as their stories unfold. While I never doubted that things would turn out ok in the end, it does include sensitive issues like date rape, bullying, and sexuality, and handles them in a forthright and thoughtful manner. Fans of realistic yet optimistic teen fiction will enjoy this book.

Audience: teens | Genre: fiction, realistic

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