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What Is Punk?

Cover: 'What Is Punk?'

Staff Review: "What Is Punk?" by Eric Morse, Anny Yi


Did you grow up listening to Punk music and wish to share it with your kids or reminisce about it? "What Is Punk" covers the rise of the Punk movement, the various bands associated with it, and its fashion. Experience this book in all its glory as you learn all about the Ramones to The Slits to the Descendents in a fun story that rhymes and is illustrated in...wait for it...3-D clay! The illustrations are a wonderful and somehow perfect representation of what Punk is. I was maybe more excited to read this book myself that I was to read to my daughter. The book definitely leaves music in your head and your foot tapping to the beat. I recommend this book to adults and kids alike!

Audience: children | Genre: nonfiction

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