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Cover: 'Whichwood'

Staff Review: "Whichwood" by Tahereh Mafi


Since the death of her beloved mother and the disappearance of her heartbroken father, thirteen-year-old Laylee is the only remaining mordeshoor in Whichwood, and she is quite literally working her fingers to the bone. Her job is to wash the bodies and souls of dead people in the village, and with a bit of magic only people in her occupation possess, send them comfortably and peacefully on their way. Driven by loneliness and despair, her hair, eyes and skin begin changing to silver as she desperately tries to deal with the backlog of corpses before the spirits get restless and wreak all sorts of havoc. When Oliver and Alice show up suddenly from Furthermore declaring that they want to help her,  she doesn’t know if they are a blessing or a curse. As desperately as she needs them, can she let them in and risk letting love back in too? This book may not be for everyone, but what a wonderfully well-written adventure, starring familiar characters and written in similar style of the companion book, “Furthermore, ” which I also loved.  

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: fiction

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