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The Widow's House

Cover: 'The Widow's House'

Staff Review: "The Widow's House" by Carol Goodman


Jess and Claire Martin move away from their bustling Brooklyn life in hopes that their marriage and Jess's writing career are rekindled. Due to their dwindling budget they end up in their old college town, taking on a caretaker's job in a large house owned by one of their old writing professors. Soon, it's not Jess's writing career that's rekindled. Between the legends that the house they are now staying in is haunted, and the almost suffocating atmosphere of the deteriorating estate, Claire soon is wondering if her imagination is running rampant, or, is there really some truth to the horrifying legends of the house? Claire is soon delving into a new book of her own, and has a hard time separating truth from fiction. Who can she trust? What's real and what's just in her head? Another atmospheric and absorbing novel by one of my favorite authors!

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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