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The Wild Robot

Cover: 'The Wild Robot'

Staff Review: "The Wild Robot" by Peter Brown


Roz’s life begins in a peculiar way. Washed ashore in a crate on what appears to be a deserted island, she is the lone intact survivor of a sunken cargo ship. Charged by the island sun and literally jolted to life when a sea otter reaches through her crate and accidentally pushes a button on the back of her head, Roz, a robot, opens her eyes and introduces herself: ROZZUM unit 7134. Unfortunately, since the island wildlife have never seen anything like her, they think she is a monster and are afraid of her. Surviving a bear attack, Roz quickly realizes that she has to adapt and earn the trust of the island’s creatures if she is to survive. She listens, observes, learns the animal language and shows them that she is not to be feared by being courteous and helpful.

Surviving a rainstorm, and discovering that she may have inadvertently been responsible for the death of a goose family, Roz finds one surviving goose egg that hatches, calls her Mama and demands food. There is no arguing with this small gosling, who she names Brightbill, so she has much to learn about caring for her young hatching. Their lives together as a family have the usual, and some unusual, ups and downs, but when a ship is spotted far out on the ocean, they both have lots of questions, completely unaware that their lives may be about to change. I fell in love with this charming story and, okay, I will admit it, the robot. This sweet, thought-provoking story sings loudly of friendship and family, and quietly, without sentimentality, has lots to say about diversity, acceptance and the power of simple acts of kindness. I loved it and you will too.

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: fiction

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