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Cover: 'Wildflower'

Staff Review: "Wildflower" by Drew Barrymore


I loved this book! Reading it is like sitting down with a good friend over a cup of cocoa and listening to their stories. Drew writes with such emotion and honesty that you feel like she is in the room with you. This book made me laugh, it made me cry, and it made me realize what a beautiful soul she is. This book is written as a collection of stories from her life. She shares her struggles, her joys, her friendships, and her passion-driven projects. I've always liked her work, but now that I've read her book, I know that she is truly as amazing as she appears to be on screen. If you're looking for a tragedy about someone who grew up in the horrific world of child stardom, don't pick up this book. If you're looking for a book which shows that no matter what the circumstances are, there is joy and hope and beauty in this life, then this is the book for you! What an inspiration!

Audience: adults | Genre: nonfiction, memoir, celebrities

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