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The Winters

Cover: 'The Winters'

Staff Review: "The Winters" by Lisa Gabriele


In this modern-day telling of Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, a young woman moves into a lovely estate in the Hamptons with her new fiancé. Max Winter is a wealthy politician and widower: his wife Rebekah is recently deceased. After a whirlwind romance on a boat, Max welcomes his new fianceé to his lavish estate, Asherley, and introduces her to his daughter, Dani. Asherley is beautiful on the outside, but harbors dark secrets on the inside, much like Dani and the Winter family. The house has traces of Rebekah everywhere, and Max's new fianceé can't shake the feeling that something about the Winters, especially Dani, is off.

The novel started out a little slow, but once Max and his new fianceé arrive at Asherley, the plot really picks up. Dani is a complex, tortured character and Gabriele writes her perfectly as a misunderstood, modern-day teenager. The suspenseful plot will keep any reader engaged. Recommended for fans of psychological thrillers or anyone who enjoyed the classic novel Rebecca.

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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