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Cover: 'Wishtree'

Staff Review: "Wishtree" by Katherine Applegate


Red, the unusual narrator of this story, has heard practically everything from the generations of people that have visited him and shared their hopes, dreams and definitely lots of wishes. But still he stays silent, until one day when Samar and Stephen, two very lonely children from two very different families wish for a friend, he has to find a way to bring them together, even if it means risking speaking. Red is a red oak tree, also called the wishtree by the many people who tie their wishes to his branches annually. When the neighborhood changes and a new Muslim family moves in, not everyone is welcoming, and Red’s own existence (and the creatures that live there) is threatened. I loved this beautifully written, evocative, meaningful look at acceptance and kindness by Newberry award-winning author Katherine Applegate that all ages will enjoy.   

Audience: children | Genre: fiction

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