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Wolfie the Bunny

Staff Review: Wolfie the Bunny

"Wolfie the Bunny" by Ame Dyckman, Zachariah O'Hora

Cover: 'Wolfie the Bunny'


Wolfie is a baby wolf, not a baby bunny, but Mama and Papa bunny don’t seem to care when they adopt him after finding him in a basket on their doorstep. Their daughter Dot tries to warn them, “he’s going to eat us all up.” Her parents are already smitten but Dot is cautious and maintains her distance. When Wolfie grows bigger and a big bear tries to grab him and eat him, Dot surprisingly discovers he really is her little brother. This cute picture book with simple, clear illustrations is a warm, humorous read-aloud that is perfect for preschoolers and their families.

Audience: Children | Genre: Fiction, Picture Book, Read-Alouds