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The Wrinkled Crown

Cover: 'The Wrinkled Crown'

Staff Review: "The Wrinkled Crown" by Anne Nesbet


Linny’s twelfth birthday is fast approaching and she’s being watched and protected even more than usual, lest she fall victim to an ancient curse. She is forbidden to touch a lourka instrument, but the call of music and the lourka is so irresistible that she secretly builds one. When she is compelled to play it on the eve of her birthday, her best friend Sayra strangely falls ill and begins to fade away instead of her. Filled with grief and guilt, Linny heads to the scientific community of Plain, amidst claims that she will never find her way there or back, to find an antidote to save her friend. Her journey is replete with dangers, including finding herself in the middle of a war of neighboring communities about differences regarding the logical and magical worlds. A half-orange tabby cat with an unusual piercing silver eye similar to one she spots in a picture of her mother, is fiercely drawn to her, conjuring up questions about her destiny. Full of magic, intrigue, and mystery, this well-written, compelling tween fantasy novel is, quite simply, a lot of fun.

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: fiction, fantasy

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