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Writers and Their Pets

Cover: 'Writers and Their Pets'

Staff Review: "Writers and Their Pets" by Kathleen Krull, Violet Lemay


Do you have a pet? What kinds of animals do you like? Have you ever given your pets names like Bambino, You Know, Catterina, Mooky, Littless Kitty, Friendless, or Colonel Eggbert?

In this read you will learn about the pets and animals 20 famous authors loved! Author Kathleen Krull offers insight into the backgrounds of the authors from childhood to them becoming famous. Krull highlights how animals were inspirations, confidants, friends, and heroes to authors from Beatrix Potter, to E. B. White, Charles Dickens, J. K. Rowling, and more!

Some authors had pets like cats and dogs, while others had more extra ordinary pets! Animals you will read about include dogs, cats, tropical birds, canaries, ponies, eagles, ravens, mice, rabbits, bats, butterflies, alligators, horses, chickens, pigs, spiders, hedgehogs, pigeons, lizards, turtles, ducks, peacocks, guinea pigs, a mongoose, badger, and more! You’ll enjoy reading about them and viewing the fun illustrations by Violet Lemay.

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: nonfiction

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