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Year of No Sugar

Cover: 'Year of No Sugar'

Staff Review: "Year of No Sugar" by Eve O. Schaub


A more accurate title is Year of Reduced Sugar! The author and her family still indulge in a sweet treat every month, and each family member is granted an exception item, which contains sugar. (The author chose red wine.) Sugar really is in almost everything we consume (even bacon and chicken broth!), and the family's quest to attend community events, holiday dinners and even go out to eat without eating added sugar is both hilarious and sometimes scary. But the family learns to adapt, and even starts to discover that their monthly sweet treat containing sugar is now too much for their taste buds. While entertaining, the fact that the author truly cannot escape sugar for a year and still titles her blog and this book Year of No Sugar is misleading. Readers may wonder if it is truly impossible to eliminate sugar from the human diet.

Audience: adults | Genre: nonfiction

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