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Year of No Sugar: A Memoir

Cover: 'Year of No Sugar: A Memoir'

Staff Review: "Year of No Sugar: A Memoir" by Eve O. Schaub


Based on the blog of the same name, this memoir chronicles adventures, missteps, and lesson learned the occur as Eve, her husband, and her two young daughters attempt to live without sugar from January until December. The title is a little misleading because each family member is allowed to choose one item they can have as a "cheat" throughout the year (Eva chooses wine, the girls jam) and the family indulges in a monthly dessert that does contain sugar. However, the book does include a lot of information about why sugar is bad for our bodies and Eve shares her tips and recipes for a sugar-free life. Overall, the story is engaging and cleverly written, and Eve includes enough of life's little moments so you do not feel like you are reading a health textbook. Eva's story is a good example of how a "typical American family" might cut sugar out of their life. Like me, you might find her lifestyle a little too extreme, but it will make you think about your own sugar consumption!

Audience: adults | Genre: nonfiction

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