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You Were Always Mom's Favorite!

Cover: 'You Were Always Mom's Favorite!'

Staff Review: "You Were Always Mom's Favorite!" by Deborah Tannen


Having read and enjoyed a few of Deborah Tannen’s books and as a person with two sisters, I was intrigued about what she could reveal about these unique relationships.  Tannen offers a linguist’s view ((Professor at Georgetown University) of how sisters relate. Specifically, she analyzes sister’s relationship issues using their conversations as her guide. Like all important relationships those of sisters are complicated and at times, fraught with difficulties. By observing sister’s conversations, she discusses the special dynamics of these relationships. Some of the aspects discussed are e.g. the love and hate aspects, competition, the sister relationship within the larger family dynamic, roles assigned and chosen, special “sister speech”, strong and weak ties and conflict issues. If you have sisters this book may enlighten and if you don’t have sisters, this book will illuminate what you are missing out on…mostly good.

Audience: adults | Genre: nonfiction

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