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Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched The World

Dewey is the heartwarming story of an ordinary cat who finds himself freezing cold, starving, and homeless in an extraordinary place on a bitterly cold January day—in the book drop of the Spencer Public Library.  Fortunately for him, and for the town of Spencer Iowa, he is rescued by library director, Vicki Myron, who needs some rescuing herself.  Dewey in turn rescues the library staff, and all the patrons of the library. He seems to have an uncanny sense of who needs his rescuing the most, jumps on their lap and gains their attention.  Bequeathed Dewey Readmore Books, his home and playground are the public library.  He became famous world-wide; people from all over came to see Dewey, the Library cat.  Even...

National Poetry Month poster 2008

Celebrate National Poetry Month

It's April and Spring is finally here and with it National Poetry Month sponsored by the Academy of American Poets.  Poems speak to us in different ways, affecting our heart and soul. I know that I easily become engulfed in a poem, lingering, enjoying the sound and play of the words, drinking in its meaning. Poems often find a way into our busy lives when mere words are not enough, when we find it difficult to express the depth of our feelings and need something to soothe us, inspire us, give us hope—weddings, funerals, when we fall in love.  Some of my favorite collections of poetry that you may also enjoy are: Good Poems—selected and introduced by Garrison Keillor—a nice collection of poems...

NoveList @ Your Library

NoveList is now available for you to use at home, school, work, or on the go for free with your library card.  NoveList is a fiction database covering 135,000 titles.  Find books that you like on certain subjects or that take place in certain time-periods, books that have similiar plots,  or readlikes--books similar to others that you have read and enjoy.  Books that have received awards and honors are listed, as well certain types of books--romances, mysteries, horror, and more.  Find books for  young adults, adults, and children.  The "Grab and Go" lists  of books for children are conveniently grouped by age levels.  Check it out.   It is a great resource for teachers, students, parents, book discussion ...

The Romanovs

Recent news reports suggest that the missing remains of Alexei, the last heir to the Russian throne, may have been found along with remains believed to be Maria, one of his sisters. Those interested in a fictional account of the final days of Russia's last czar and his family will be fascinated by The Kitchen Boy by Robert Alexander, or Rasputin's Daughter another novel by Alexander. Robert Massie's book Nicholas and Alexandra presents a true, yet sympathetic portrait of the life and times of the royal couple. 

Harry Potter

If you're like me, and millions of other fans, you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, due out June 21, this Saturday.  To help me get through this rough time period, I went to see the new movie, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"  that was released this past weekend. If you are looking for other fixes before, or after you get your hands on the new book, or get to the new movie, try these suggestions:  Waterboro Public Library in East Waterboro, Maine,  list of Harry Potter Readalikes. Madison Public Library in Madison, Wisconsin also has a nice list of "What to Read while Harry's at the Hogwarts...

Fresh Peas

On Wednesdays during the summer I enjoy seeing the vendors at the farmer's market on River Drive.  I especially enjoy the signs for fresh peas.  They remind me of the peas I picked as a child from my father's garden and lead me to think of fresh summer foods grown locally and eaten at tables in our community. In 2006, NPR's the Talk of the Nation discussed the topic of eating local, thinking global.  Experts concluded that "eating locally might make us healthier and safer...and it would be better for the environment, too."  For those interesting in reading further on the topics of food and the ethics of food consumption, the following books may be requested from a Marathon County Public Library near you....


The Magic of Bruce Hetzler at Summer Kickoff Program

Summer Library program events are happening all over Marathon County!  Tuesday, June 19 is kick off day for programs at the Wausau Headquarters.  Who better to help us kick off the "Get a Clue!" theme than one of those masters of mystery--a magician!  Bruce Hetzler comes from Appleton, WI--Houdini's hometown.  His perfomance ingeniously combines magic tricks with the library and the summer mystery theme to astound and entertain audience members of all ages. Bruce's perfomances will be held Tuesday, June 19 at 10:30, 2:00 and 6:30 at the Wausau Headquarters library.  Come and join the fun! Still thinking about a good mystery to read for the reading club?  How about the Chet Gecko novels by Bruce Hale...

Hands-Free Books

This summer try one of the audiobooks in our collection.  The Library has titles for all ages.  Children will especially enjoy listening to books and it's a great way to expand their reading to more challenging titles. You'll find time passes quickly whether you're in your car or truck or simply walking your neighborhood as you listen to a great story.   To locate titles, check our online catalog.  Use the Audio/Video tab for a list of selections on CD or cassette. Another option is to download audio books to your computer, burn them to a CD, transfer them to a digital audio player, PDA, or other portable device through OverDrive. Happy listening and enjoy the beautiful summer in Wisconsin! 

Authors of Books Men I Know Like, and You Might Too

Here are a few authors of adventure stories, historical fiction, fantasy, and thrillers that men I know love and discuss with gusto.  You may like them too.  Enjoy! Dan Brown--The DaVinci Code, others Tom Clancy—any Stephen Coonts--any Bernard Cornwell—any Harold Coyle—White Star, 10000 Spartans Vince Flynn--any C.S. Forrester—any Frederick Forsyth—any George McDonald Fraser—Flashman series Daniel V. Gallery-submarines, WWII WEB Griffin—Aviators Louis L’Amour-- any Patrick O’Brien--Master and Commander Edward Rutherfurd—Princes of Ireland, Rebels of Ireland, Russka (Russia) Sarum (England) J.K.Rowling—Harry Potter books, (eagerly awaiting the July release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows...

Purchase Suggestions

Is there something you'd like us to purchase? Let us know through our Suggest a Purchase link! There is no limit to the number of suggestions you can make, or the type of items you can request. From children’s books, to DVDs, to light fiction, to more serious reading; we’ll give careful consideration your suggestions and let you know if items will be purchased.  We hope to hear from you soon!