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How do I renew my library account, and why did it expire?

FAQ: How do I renew my library account, and why did it expire?


Library accounts expire automatically every two years, regardless of how often you use the library. If you have a "temporary account," your card will expire after six months.

This provides an opportunity for library staff to update your contact information. Keeping this information up to date helps us measure our impact on surrounding communities and can affect how libraries are funded. 

Also, if you move before your account expires, we would appreciate it if you would ask us to update your account's contact information.

In order to renew your account, please call 715-261-7200 or visit your local MCPL. 

Please have your library card and photo ID available, if possible. 

Account renewals are not possible by email or online chat.

Common error messages that suggest your account may need to be renewed or updated:

In the Library Catalog (V-Cat):

  • "Your library card needs to be renewed."
  • "There seems to be a problem with your library card."
  • "There is a problem with your library record."

In Wisconsin's Digital Library (Overdrive / Libby):

  • "We could not verify your card."
  • "Your library card has expired."

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