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What is my PIN or password?

FAQ: What is my PIN or password?


Your PIN (aka "password") that accompanies your library card number (aka "patron ID") usually is the last four digits of the phone number we have on file for you -- unless you specifically requested otherwise.

If you've tried this, and your PIN still doesn't seem to work, please contact us; this usually indicates that your account is up for renewal or that we need to update your phone number in our records. Alternatively, you may attempt to reset your PIN at; however, this method requires you to have a current/valid email address listed on your account.

A valid PIN and library card number are required for checking your library account online, using library lab computers, using self-checkout, accessing online resources, etc. 

Some library resources ask you to create a username and password that is different from your library card number and PIN. If you have difficulty accessing any of these resources, please contact us.