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If you can't find an item in the Library Catalog (V-Cat) and you think we should have it, let us know! We can't promise that we will acquire the item, but we will investigate its suitability for our collections. We will place the item on hold and notify you if it is purchased. This process may take several weeks or longer. Alternatively, consider using Interlibrary Loan (WISCAT) to request older items with limited appeal. (Staff Access)

Please note: We are only able to purchase books up to six months prior to their release dates, and DVDs and CDs up to three months prior to their release dates.

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We will use this information to reserve your suggestion for you if we decide to order it.

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Use this section to suggest a specific item. Only "Title" is required, but other info. is helpful.

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If you don't have a specific item in mind, use this section to suggest a general topic.


Let us know where you heard about this item, why you recommend it, and any other details that may help us decide whether to purchase it.


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