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If you can't find an item in the Library Catalog (V-Cat), and you think we should have it, let us know!

  • You may use the online form below, or paper Purchase Suggestion forms are available at all MCPL locations.

  • We can't promise that we will acquire the item, but we will investigate its suitability for our collections.

  • We will place the item on hold for you and notify you if it is purchased. This may take several weeks or longer.

  • Alternatively, consider using Interlibrary Loan (WISCAT) to request older items with limited appeal.

Please note:

  • We are only able to purchase books up to six months prior to their release dates, and DVDs and CDs up to three months prior to their release dates.

  • E-books should be suggested using Wisconsin's Digital Library according to these instructions.

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Purchase Suggestion

Item suggestion

Use this section to suggest a specific item. Only "Title" is required, but other info. is helpful.

Subject suggestion

If you don't have a specific item in mind, use this section to suggest a general topic.

Your information

We will use this information to reserve your suggestion for you if we decide to order it.


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