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Grab & Go: 3D Rainbow Mobile

rainbow mobile craft

Grab & Go
3D Rainbow Mobile

Children Registration [except Wausau]

What colors create a rainbow? Shades of dark colors like grays, blacks and browns? Or are the colors a bit more bright and vibrant than that?

Pick up a Grab & Go kit from any MCPL location and find out! You'll be able to create a 3D Rainbow Mobile using strips of paper, cotton balls, string, beads, and a craft stick! We'll also provide instructions on how to put it all together! Not only is it colorful, but children also learn to work with knots and to string beads!

These kits are free and available to the public while they last (and they'll probably go fast!) No appointment is needed at MCPL Wausau, but please call ahead to schedule a pickup at any of our eight branches.

  • Grab & Go: 3D Rainbow Mobile
    📅 3/13/31/21 CDT @ All MCPL Locations

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Children, or their parents or caregivers, can stop by any MCPL location in March and pick up a take-home kit to make their own 3D rainbow! 🖶