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Colossal Fossils Presents...

Children Registration Join Colossal Fossils for a virtual 16-week course on all things dinosaurs, fossils, and mammoths in partnership with the Marathon County Public Library! New topic each week!

  • Register Tue., 12/1/20, 45 p.m. @ Zoom (Online)
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colorful alphabet letters

Grab & Go
Letter of the Week

Children Registration Drop-in Let's learn our letters with books and fun activities for your little one(s)!

  • 11/3012/4/20 @ MCPL Rothschild
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crafted gnomes

Grab & Go
Sock Gnomes

Adults Registration Drop-in Stop by the library to pick up a craft kit and make your own gnome!

  • 11/3012/4/20 @ MCPL Rothschild

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harmonica craft

Grab & Go
Make Your Own Harmonica

Children Registration Drop-in Explore the sounds of science with this awesome craft stick harmonica you can make at home!

  • 11/3012/4/20 @ MCPL Athens

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paper snowflakes craft

Grab & Go
Paper Bag Snowflakes

All-Ages Drop-in All ages can stop by the library to pick up a fun winter craft kit containing supplies for making paper snowflakes!

  • 12/712/11/20 @ MCPL Stratford

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bird nest with eggs

Grab & Go
Bird's Nest

Children Registration Drop-in Just in time for the annual Christmas Bird Count, patrons can stop by the library to pick up their own kit to make a crafty bird's nest at home!

  • 12/1412/18/20 @ MCPL Marathon City

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snowman craft and book

Grab & Go
Build a Geometric Snowman

All-Ages Registration Drop-in There's no need to freeze outside in the snow when you can make your own cool paper snowman in the warmth and comfort of home using origami!

  • 12/1412/18/20 @ MCPL Athens

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pipe cleaner snake craft

Grab & Go
Pipe Cleaner Snake

Children Drop-in Kids can stop by the library to get a Grab & Go kit to make a pipe cleaner snake!

  • 12/1412/18/20 @ MCPL Rothschild

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octopus craft

Eight-armed Octopus & the 8-yr-old Aquarium!

Children Drop-in Help us celebrate the 8th anniversary of the Phyllis Donner Aquarium with a special eight-armed octopus craft and link to a virtual story!

  • 12/712/18/20 @ MCPL Wausau

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Grab & Go
DIY Pokemon Deck Box

Children Drop-in Attention all Pokemon fans! Stop by the library during the last couple weeks of December and pick up supplies to make your own box to house your decks of cards!

  • 12/2112/31/20 @ MCPL Wausau

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Grab & Go
Paper Bag Volcanoes

Children Registration Drop-in Stop by the library the last week of December and pick up ingredients to make your own molten lava!

  • 12/2812/31/20 @ MCPL Hatley

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craft snowflakes

Grab & Go
Symmetrical Snowflakes

Children Registration [except Wausau] Drop-in Pick-up a Symmetrical Snowflake kit geared for young children from any MCPL location during the month of January!

  • 1/41/29/21 @ All MCPL Locations

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Winter Reading Challenge

Kids & Teens Registration Drop-in Calling all kids and teens! Join MCPL in its first ever virtual reading challenge and tackle 10 hours of reading in January!

  • 1/11/31/21 @ Online (See event details.)

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