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colorful alphabet letters

Grab & Go
Letter of the Week

Children Registration Drop-in Let's learn our letters with books and fun activities for your little one(s)!

  • 11/3012/4/20 @ MCPL Rothschild
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crafted gnomes

Grab & Go
Sock Gnomes

Adults Registration Drop-in Stop by the library to pick up a craft kit and make your own gnome!

  • 11/3012/4/20 @ MCPL Rothschild

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harmonica craft

Grab & Go
Make Your Own Harmonica

Children Registration Drop-in Explore the sounds of science with this awesome craft stick harmonica you can make at home!

  • 11/3012/4/20 @ MCPL Athens

children tweens activities hands-on learning music science »

constellation craft

Grab & "Glow": Glowing Star Constellation

Children Drop-in Pick up a Glowing Star Constellation kit and create a constellation of your very own! Using simple materials children will be able to project a well-known star constellation on their home walls!

  • 11/2312/4/20 @ MCPL Wausau

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event example [10191]

Grab & Go
Winter-Themed Greeting Cards

Adults Registration Drop-in Stop by the library and pick up supplies to make your own special greeting card for a friend or family member!

  • 11/3012/11/20 @ MCPL Athens

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snowman craft

Grab & Go
Magical Snowman

Children Drop-in Make a colorful, magical snowman with this Grab & Go kit!

  • 12/712/11/20 @ MCPL Spencer

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event example [10237]

Grab & Go
Colorful Winter Hat Craft

Children Drop-in Kids can make a colorful paper winter hat with supplies from this kit!

  • 12/712/11/20 @ MCPL Mosinee

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paper snowflakes craft

Grab & Go
Paper Bag Snowflakes

All-Ages Drop-in All ages can stop by the library to pick up a fun winter craft kit containing supplies for making paper snowflakes!

  • 12/712/11/20 @ MCPL Stratford

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open books in grass

Virtually Silent Book Club

Adults Drop-in We invite you to turn off the noise and treat yourself to an hour of silent reading, followed by some discussion, during our monthly, virtual Silent Book Club!

  • Attend Tue., 12/15/20, 78 p.m. @ Online (See event details.)

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bird nest with eggs

Grab & Go
Bird's Nest

Children Registration Drop-in Just in time for the annual Christmas Bird Count, patrons can stop by the library to pick up their own kit to make a crafty bird's nest at home!

  • 12/1412/18/20 @ MCPL Marathon City

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snowman craft

Grab & Go
Ready, Set, Snow! STEM Craft & Story Time

Children Registration Drop-in Who knew snowballs could be scientific? Children can learn why with a grab and go kit from the library that's fun to make and teaches several concepts in physics!

  • 12/1412/18/20 @ MCPL Stratford

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snowman craft and book

Grab & Go
Build a Geometric Snowman

All-Ages Registration Drop-in There's no need to freeze outside in the snow when you can make your own cool paper snowman in the warmth and comfort of home using origami!

  • 12/1412/18/20 @ MCPL Athens

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pipe cleaner snake craft

Grab & Go
Pipe Cleaner Snake

Children Drop-in Kids can stop by the library to get a Grab & Go kit to make a pipe cleaner snake!

  • 12/1412/18/20 @ MCPL Rothschild

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penguin crafts

Grab & Go
Feed the Penguin

Children Registration Drop-in Stop by the library in December and pick up a project that's not only fun for kids to make, but also helps them learn!

  • 12/1412/18/20 @ MCPL Mosinee

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octopus craft

Eight-armed Octopus & the 8-yr-old Aquarium!

Children Drop-in Help us celebrate the 8th anniversary of the Phyllis Donner Aquarium with a special eight-armed octopus craft and link to a virtual story!

  • 12/712/18/20 @ MCPL Wausau

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event example [10256]

Grab & Go
DIY Pokemon Deck Box

Children Drop-in Attention all Pokemon fans! Stop by the library during the last couple weeks of December and pick up supplies to make your own box to house your decks of cards!

  • 12/2112/31/20 @ MCPL Wausau

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Grab & Go
Paper Bag Volcanoes

Children Registration Drop-in Stop by the library the last week of December and pick up ingredients to make your own molten lava!

  • 12/2812/31/20 @ MCPL Hatley

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Virtual Book Club
Bring Your Own Book!

Adults Drop-in Patrons are invited to join the library staff for their monthly virtual book club - and in January, it's whatever book you choose!

  • Mon., 1/11/21, 5:456:45 p.m. @ GoToMeeting (Online)

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event example [10285]

Stratford Online Book Club Chat: "The Great Alone" by Kristin Hannah

Adults Drop-in Please join the library Library for an ongoing, online virtual book club discussion each month via the website Goodreads. Read the book and discuss it with others at your own pace!

  • 1/11/27/21 @ Goodreads (Online)

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craft snowflakes

Grab & Go
Symmetrical Snowflakes

Children Registration [except Wausau] Drop-in Pick-up a Symmetrical Snowflake kit geared for young children from any MCPL location during the month of January!

  • 1/41/29/21 @ All MCPL Locations

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event example [10279]

Book-of-the-Month Book Club
"The Pull of the Stars" by Emma Donoghue

Adults Drop-in Pick up this gripping historical fiction novel from the library, along with a list of questions!

  • 1/11/31/21 @ MCPL Athens

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event example [10319]

Winter Reading Challenge

Kids & Teens Registration Drop-in Calling all kids and teens! Join MCPL in its first ever virtual reading challenge and tackle 10 hours of reading in January!

  • 1/11/31/21 @ Online (See event details.)

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event example [10325]

Stratford Online Book Club Chat: "This Tender Land" by William Kent Krueger

Adults Drop-in Please join the library Library for an ongoing, online book club discussion each month that can be done at your own pace rather than during a single meeting!

  • 2/12/28/21 @ Goodreads (Online)

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