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How do I participate in a virtual or online event (GoToMeeting, Facebook, Zoom, etc.)?

FAQ: How do I participate in a virtual or online event (GoToMeeting, Facebook, Zoom, etc.)?


When an event is described as "virtual" or "online" (either in its title or the location):


For GoToMeeting and Zoom events:

  • These programs will be delivered via video conferencing software, available for free on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You have control over whether you share video or audio from your device. There may be an option to attend by regular phone call.

  • Some events require pre-registration; if so, this will be indicated in the event's description.

  • If specified, you may need to contact the library (or another organization) before the event for an access code to join the meeting.

  • If you're using a smartphone or a tablet to join the program, visit your device's app store to download the GoToMeeting app or the Zoom app. Both of these apps are free. 

  • If you're using a computer to join the program, visit or before the event begins. You may be prompted to install a small piece of software.

  • A few minutes before the event starts—unless you have been given other instructions—(1) visit and select the title of the event, and (2) follow the instructions in the event description or select "ATTEND" if displayed.


For Facebook and YouTube events:

  • If it is a "live video streaming" event, all you need to do is visit the specified Facebook or YouTube page during the event:

  • Occasionally, we partner with other organizations who will host video streaming events on their own Facebook or YouTube pages. Event descriptions will provide links to these as needed.

  • For all other Facebook or YouTube events, follow the instructions provided in the event's description.

  • In many cases, videos are made available for on-demand viewing after the event has passed on our Videos of Library Programs webpage.


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