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Events: Grab & Go

To support social distancing during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, the library is offering a variety of "Grab & Go" activity kits that may be picked up for completion at home.

These kits include most or all of the supplies needed to complete these projects and instructions (sometimes including a link to online video instructions). The target audience for each activity varies; there are activities for children, teens, adults and all ages. Some of these activities were planned as on-site library events before the pandemic and were adapted  to enable at-home participation, while others were planned more recently.

A complete list of upcoming Grab & Go activities may be viewed at

If you have any questions, please contact your local MCPL!

How to pick up a Grab & Go activity kit:

  • MCPL Wausau: Visit the library any time (no appointment required) during our curbside pickup hours on the dates listed for the Grab & Go activity. 

  • MCPL branches: Visit the library by appointment during our curbside pickup or appointment hours on the dates listed for the Grab & Go activity. Appointments are accepted by phone.


beaded bracelets

Grab & Go
Little Treasures Beaded Wrap Bracelet

Adults & Teens Registration [except Wausau] Stop by any MCPL location during the month of April and pick up a kit to make your own "Little Treasure." This month, we'll provide supplies and instructions to make a beaded wrap bracelet!

  • 4/14/30/21 @ All MCPL Locations

adults teens crafts hands-on learning »

colorful pasta and craft supplies

Grab & Go
Pasta Sculptures & Mosaics

Children Registration [except Wausau] Kids can cook up their own fun craft with a grab-and-go colored pasta kit! (Pun intended - the pasta is not meant to be cooked!)

  • 4/14/30/21 @ All MCPL Locations

children grades k-5 art hands-on learning »

yarn mandalas

Grab & Go
Little Treasures: Needlepoint Mandala

Adults & Teens Registration [except Wausau] Patrons can stop by any MCPL location in May to pick up a "Little Treasure" craft kit to make their own needlepoint mandala. Free and available while supplies last!

  • 5/35/28/21 @ All MCPL Locations

adults teens crafts hands-on learning »

crafted flowers with positive messages

Grab & Go

Children Registration [except Wausau] Create a special, one-of-a-kind flowergram that's both a lovely craft and a positive message for someone else, with supplies and instructions provided!

  • 5/35/28/21 @ All MCPL Locations

children preschool crafts »

event example [10375]

Grab & Go
Little Treasures: Dried Flower Paper Lantern

Adults & Teens Registration [except Wausau] Pick up a little treasure for yourself at any MCPL location in June with a kit to create a dried paper lantern!

  • 6/16/25/21 @ All MCPL Locations

adults teens crafts »

event example [10378]

Grab & Go
Mushroom Magic

Teens Registration [except Wausau] Teens can mix a bit of science with a bit of fun with a mushroom magic craft kit!

  • 6/76/28/21 @ All MCPL Locations

teens crafts »

event example [10425]

Grab & Go
Bug Hotel!

Children Registration [except Wausau] Where do bugs sleep at night? You might find out and have fun with a couple kinds of bug hotel projects, too! Available for pickup in July at any MCPL location.

  • 7/17/30/21 @ All MCPL Locations

children grades k-5 activities crafts nature »