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Events: Outdoor Recreation

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Virtual Gardening
Growing Veggies in Small Spaces

Adults Registration Janell Wehr, horticulture educator with Extension Marathon County, will lead a virtual class on growing vegetables in small spaces. You'll be surprised how much can be grown with just a little room!

  • Register Thu., 5/20/21, 78 p.m. @ Online (See event details.)

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Beginning Foraging With Samuel Thayer

Adults Registration Take a walk along the Wisconsin River and learn about foraging wild edibles with author and forager Samuel Thayer! Registration for the 3pm program is full but a few 10am spots are left!

  • Register Wed., 6/9/21, 1011:30 a.m. @ MCPL Wausau
  • Register Wed., 6/9/21, 34:30 p.m. @ MCPL Wausau

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Virtual Gardening
Managing Weeds

Adults Registration Join us for a virtual class led by Extension Marathon County on managing those pesky weeds before (or if) they take over your whole garden!

  • Register Thu., 6/10/21, 2:303:30 p.m. @ Online (See event details.)
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LENA Start Marathon County logo

LENA Start Marathon County

Adults Registration We are taking LENA outdoors this summer to provide safe social distancing - join other parents in learning how to talk more with your baby!

  • Register Mon., 6/14/21, 56:30 p.m. @ Monk Botanical Gardens
  • Register Wed., 6/16/21, 11:30 a.m.1 p.m. @ Riverside Park

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Trail Tales Along Wausau's River Edge Parkway!

Children Drop-in Take a scenic walk this summer along Wausau's riverfront, and keep children interested with fun stories along the way!

  • 6/147/19/21 @ River Edge Parkway

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Library Card Pool Day

All-Ages Drop-in A library card is good for more than just books, movies or music! Any MCPL patron can use their card for free entry to any of Wausau's outdoor pools!

  • Tue., 8/3/21, 17:30 p.m. @ Wausau Outdoor Pools

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