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Events: Science

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Colossal Fossils Presents...

Children Registration Join Colossal Fossils for a virtual 16-week course on all things dinosaurs, fossils, and mammoths in partnership with the Marathon County Public Library! New topic each week!

  • Register Tue., 12/1/20, 45 p.m. @ Zoom (Online)
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harmonica craft

Grab & Go
Make Your Own Harmonica

Children Registration Drop-in Explore the sounds of science with this awesome craft stick harmonica you can make at home!

  • 11/3012/4/20 @ MCPL Athens

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constellation craft

Grab & "Glow": Glowing Star Constellation

Children Drop-in Pick up a Glowing Star Constellation kit and create a constellation of your very own! Using simple materials children will be able to project a well-known star constellation on their home walls!

  • 11/2312/4/20 @ MCPL Wausau

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bird nest with eggs

Grab & Go
Bird's Nest

Children Registration Drop-in Just in time for the annual Christmas Bird Count, patrons can stop by the library to pick up their own kit to make a crafty bird's nest at home!

  • 12/1412/18/20 @ MCPL Marathon City

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Grab & Go
Paper Bag Volcanoes

Children Registration Drop-in Stop by the library the last week of December and pick up ingredients to make your own molten lava!

  • 12/2812/31/20 @ MCPL Hatley

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