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Why can't I use one of the library's online resources?

FAQ: Why can't I use one of the library's online resources?


There are several reasons you may be unable to access a particular online resource. You may contact us to troubleshoot your particular issue, or consider the following:

  • If it requires you to log in with your library card number, your account may be expired or have excessive fines, or you may be using an incorrect card number or PIN. You may log in to the Library Catalog (V-Cat) to check the status of your account, or contact us for more information.

  • If it is an MCPL resource (tagged "MCPL") and you are required to log in, the resource may by limited to residents of Marathon County. Resources with this restriction should be described accordingly. If you recently moved to Marathon County but are still using a library card from another library in the Wisconsin Valley Library Service, please contact us to update your residential information.

  • If it is a BadgerLink resource (tagged "BadgerLink"), you may be using an internet connection that cannot be confirmed as originating in Wisconsin. These resources are licensed for use by Wisconsin residents only. You may wish to try another internet connection or a computer an MCPL location, or view the following webpage for more options: