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Tax Forms

tax forms and publications
Federal Tax Forms Wisconsin Tax Forms

2021: During the pandemic, tax forms and publications will be available via curbside pickup.

  • No appointments are required at MCPL Wausau, but please call ahead to confirm availability
  • Appointments are required at the MCPL branches.

The documents that the library has requested for 2021 are:

  • IRS 1040 Forms and Instruction Booklets (including a limited supply in Spanish); 
  • Wisconsin Form 1 and Instruction Booklets; 
  • Wisconsin Homestead Credit Booklets and Rent Certificates.

These documents are offered for free to the public while supplies last; however, those who need a large number of forms (professional tax preparers, employers, landlords, etc.) are asked to order forms in bulk directly from the government.

Most other tax documents may be printed by request in advance, or see "Alternative Sources of Tax Documents" below.

Please note: Library staff cannot answer tax filing questions. They only can provide the tax documents that you specify and refer you to other tax-related resources and organizations.

Alternative sources of tax documents:

MCPL Online On-site Taxes Government