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Curbside Pickup

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Curbside pickup is available at all MCPL locations during the pandemic!

This includes library items requested via the Library Catalog (V-Cat) and Interlibrary Loan (WISCAT), as well as copies of reference materials (including tax forms, articles / obituaries, etc.) requested via the Reference Desk.

To arrange pickup of library items:
  1. Request items online using the Library Catalog or Interlibrary Loan, or call the MCPL location you'd like to use for pickup (during our hours of operation).

  2. Once your items are ready for pickup, you will be notified by phone, email or text according your notification preferences.

  3. To schedule a day to pick up your items, call the MCPL location where your items are being held.

  4. Pick up your items at the arranged time and location according to the instructions provided by library staff.

Please note:

  • To maintain social distancing, library staff at the pickup site cannot accept item requests, returning items, fine payments or donations.
  • To return items, please use the library‚Äôs outside book drops.
To arrange pickup of reference materials (including tax forms, articles / obituaries, etc.):

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